Dimensions Of Learning. Teacher's Manual, 2nd Edition

Marzano J. Robert, Pickering J. Debra

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Cover Type: Softcover
Book Condition: Fine
Jacket Condition: None Issued
Publisher: Association For Supervision & Curriculum Development
Publisher Place: Usa
Publisher Year: 1997
Edition: Second Edition

Description: 352 pages. Book appears to have hardly been read and is in Fine condition throughout.

Publishers Description: The premise of Dimensions of Learning--an instructional framework founded on the best of what researchers and theorists know about learning--is that five types, or dimensions, of thinking are essential to successful learning. These are (1) positive attitudes and perceptions about learning, (2) thinking involved in acquiring and integrating knowledge, (3) thinking involved in extending and refining knowledge, (4) thinking involved in using knowledge meaningfully, and (5) productive habits of mind. Dimensions of Learning is a valuable tool for reorganizing curriculum, instruction, and assessment. The authors discuss each of the five dimensions in detail and describe hundreds of teaching strategies that support them--for example, how to help students construct meaning for declarative knowledge, internalize procedural knowledge, and see the relevance of what they are expected to learn. The authors provide many examples at the elementary and secondary classroom levels. Teachers of grades K-12 can use this information to improve teaching and learning in any content area. Educators consistently say that the most powerful reason for using Dimensions of Learning is that no matter what goal they are pursuing, the model helps them maintain a focus on learning. Anyone familiar with the first edition of the Teacher's Manual will notice a number of changes in the format of the second edition. The most notable is the addition of "marginalia." When appropriate, the text of the manual is supplemented with information in the margins, including references for books, articles, additional readings, or classroom materials relevant to the topic; quotes from teachers who have been using Dimensions of Learning in their classrooms; brief descriptions of schoolwide or districtwide efforts to implement various aspects of the model; relevant "quotable quotes" from well-known people; and visual representations of important information explained in the text. Heavy-duty tabs divide six sections of the manual, and an index makes it easy to find information on particular topics.

ISBN: 9781416608974


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