Farnham's Freehold

Heinlein Robert A

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Cover Type: Softcover
Book Condition: Fine
Jacket Condition: None Issued
Publisher: Baen Publishing Enterprises
Publisher Place: Riverdale
Publisher Year: 2011
Edition: Reprint

Description: 346 pages. Book appears to have hardly been read and is in Fine condition throughout. Hugh Was A Practical Man And When He Saw The Clouds Of Nuclear War He Built Himself A Shelter Under His House. What He Hadn't Expected Was That When It Happened The Blast Would Tear Apart To Fabric Of Time And Hurl His Shelter Into A World With No Sign Of Other Human Beings.

Publishers Description: You Would Have Peace? Then Prepare for War! Hugh Farnham was a practical, self-made man and when he saw the clouds of nuclear war gathering, he built a bomb shelter under his house, hoping for peace and preparing for war. What he hadn't expected was that when the apocalypse came, a thermonuclear blast would tear apart the fabric of time and hurl his shelter into a world with no sign of other human beings. But Farnham's small group had barely settled down to the back-breaking business of low-tech survival when they found that they were not alone after all. The same nuclear war that had catapulted Farnham two thousand years into the future had destroyed all civilization in the northern hemisphere. And the world had changed in more ways than one. In the new world order, Farnham and his family, being members of the race that had nearly destroyed the world, were fit only to be slaves. After surviving a nuclear war, Farnham had no intention of being anybody's slave, but the tyrannical power of the Chosen Race reached throughout the world. Even if he managed to escape. Where could he run to?

ISBN: 9780671722067


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