North Korea Undercover. Inside The World's Most Secret State

Sweeney John

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Cover Type: Softcover
Book Condition: Good
Jacket Condition: None Issued
Publisher: Bantam Press
Publisher Place: Uk
Publisher Year: 2013
Edition: First Edition

Description: 306 pages. Book is in general good condition. There is some light reading wear present, but still a presentable copy.

Publishers Description: A unique and timely account of life in North Korea. North Korea is like no other tyranny on earth. It is Orwells 1984 made reality. The regime controls the flow of information to its citizens, pouring relentless propaganda through omnipresent loud speakers. Free speech is an one word out of line and the gulag awaits. State spies are everywhere, ready to punish disloyalty and the slightest sign of discontent. You must bow to Kim Il Sung, the Eternal Leader and to his son, Generalissimo Kim Jong Il. Worship the dead and then hail the living, the Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un. North Koreans are told their home is the greatest nation on earth. Big Brother is always watching. Posing as a university professor, award-winning BBC journalist John Sweeney travelled undercover to gain unprecedented access to the worlds most secret state. Drawing on his own experiences and his extensive interviews with defectors and other key witnesses, North Korea Undercover pulls back the curtain, providing a rare insight into life there today, examining the countrys troubled history and addressing important questions about its uncertain future. Sweeneys highly engaging, authoritative account illuminates the dark side of the Hermit Kingdom and challenges the Wests perception of this paranoid nationalist state.

ISBN: 9780593072981


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