What's Next. The Experts Guide, Predictions from 50 of America's Most Compelling People

Buckingham Jane

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Cover Type: Hardcover
Book Condition: Very Good
Jacket Condition: Very Good
Publisher: Harper Collins
Publisher Place: New York
Publisher Year: 2008
Edition: First Edition

Description: 283 pages. Book and Jacket are both in Very good condition throughout.

Publishers Description: What will the next ten years look like?In her role as founder and president of The Intelligence Group, a consulting and trend-spotting company at the forefront of predictions about the ever-elusive youth and consumer market, Jane Buckingham spends her days looking for the telling details in today's culture that give clues about what our future holds. What's Next. The Experts' Guide is the result of her conversations with dozens of fascinating people in a wide range of industries, all giving their highly individual perspectives on the world as they know it.From education to the environment, from robotics to drug policy, with an emphasis on up-and-coming industries and news-making topics, some of the most compelling and timely matters of our era are addressed by dozens of contributors, including.Renowned computer scientist Steve Ward, PhD, on the biggest issues regarding emerging technologies, intellectual property, and alternate economic models.Actors Felicity Huffman and Bill Macy, on the need for new creativity in storytelling.Campaign adviser Joe Trippi, on how politics will be turned upside down in the next five to ten years.Latina magazine founder Christy Haubegger, on the optimism and growing prospects of the young Latino population.Architect Greg Lynn, on how technology is uniting the world of design, from automobiles to art to movies.Filled with surprising insights and details, What's Next. The Experts' Guide also shows how these leaders work, what they believe will be important, and what they think is not worth our time. In a world that seems to be changing faster than ever, What's Next offers intriguing insights into how we can keep upand stay ahead.

ISBN: 9780060885359


283 pages. Book and Jacket are both in Very good condition throughout.

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