Starshield Sentinels

Weis Margaret, Hickman Tracy

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Cover Type: Hardcover
Book Condition: Very Good
Jacket Condition: Very Good
Publisher: Balantine Books
Publisher Place: New York
Publisher Year: 1996
Edition: First Edition

Description: 424 pages. Book and Jacket are both in Very good condition throughout.

Publishers Description: The truth is out there...and discovering that truth was the grand quest of the Omnet, the organization that was the backbone of galactic civilization. But someone - or some group - was sowing the seeds of disaster amidst the worlds of the Omnet. The only hope to stem the tide of rebellion was an ancient artifact: the Mantle of Kendis-dai.Merinda Neskat of the Omnet was determined to find the Mantle of Kendis-dai. Unfortunately, the key to her quest turned out to be a lost and bewildered crew of human astronauts, led by the feckless Captain Jeremy Griffiths. Neither Griffiths nor his crew understood what had happened to them, or why they were caught in the middle of galactic turmoil. But somehow they found themselves bound to follow Merinda in a dangerous race against time and deadly enemy forces...searching for a mysterious world which held the secret of ancient wisdom that could save them - or disrupt the path of civilization forever!

ISBN: 9780345397607


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