Thresholds Of The Mind

Harris Bill

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Cover Type: Softcover
Book Condition: Very Good
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Publisher: Centerpoint Press
Publisher Place: Beaverton. Oregan
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Edition: First Edition

Description: 233 pages. Book is in Very good condition throughout.

Publishers Description: Author, Bill Harris, takes you on a fascinating journey of discovery through the structure and workings of the human mind. He then presents irrefutable, hard scientific evidence of the powerful benefits of meditation and explains how and why the human brain reacts the way it does. Bill cites research from a host of highly acclaimed scientists (including two Nobel Laureates), from respected institutions such as Harvard Medical School, Princeton, MIT, Mt. Sinai Medical Center, University of California Medical School, UCLA, The Menninger Foundation, Marie Curie Cancer Memorial Foundation Research Department, and more. But, more importantly, he presents this valuable information in an easy to understand, easy to apply manner, which allows even the casual reader to benefit significantly from this important new book. Proving the scientific benefits of deep meditation is just the beginning. Harris then shows readers how they don’t have to invest years or decades practicing traditional meditation before they reap any significant benefits. He goes on to describe how anyone can use Holosync®, a proprietary audio technology developed by Centerpointe Research Institute (of which he is Director), to immediately achieve a deeper meditative state than is typically reached by masters of the traditional practice. This leads to a dramatic acceleration of mental, emotional, and spiritual change. In Thresholds of the Mind you will learn... The true science showing how and why meditation is the ultimate personal growth technique... Why traditional meditation is such a slow process, and how you can get the benefits of decades of deep meditation in a fraction of the time... The scientific principles governing mental, emotional, and spiritual change, and how you can use this information to greatly accelerate your growth... Nine Principles which, if mastered, can change your life forever, leading to increased success, lasting happiness, and inner peace... How to allow positive--without resistance and discomfort...

ISBN: 9780972178013


233 pages. Book is in Very good condition throughout.

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