History - Asia

New Guinea. An Island Apart

Nightingale Neil


Wild Thailand

Stewart Cox Belinda


The Years Behind The Wall

Thomas Millicent And Margaret


Children Of The Meo Hill Tribes

Hawker Frances, Campbell Bruce


Indonesian Heritage. Plants

Whitten Tony, Whitton Jane


White Man Returns

Keith Agnes Newton


The Fifth Book Of Peace

Kingston Maxine Hong



Moa's Ark. The Voyage Of New Zealand

Bellamy David, Springett Brian, Hayden Peter


The Search For Modern China. A Documentary Collection

Cheng Pei-kai, Lestz Michael, Spence Jonathan D


The Tragedy of Liberation

Frank Dikoetter


The Green Dragon. Hong Kongs Living Environment

Williams Martin, Pitts Michael


Tokelau. A Historical Ethnography

Huntsman Judith, Hooper Antony