Science - Computing

Basics Of Research Methods

Maxfield Michael G, Babbie Earl R


Creating Web Sites That WoW!. Australian Beginner's Guide To

Neely Mark, Kreitmeier Sarina, Kopp Melinda


The Wordpress Anthology

Olinik Mick, Armitage Raena Jackson


The Pearly Gates Of Cyberspace

Wertheim Margaret


Ant. The Electronic Ant Colony

Wright Will, McCormick Justin


Discovering Computers

Gledhill V. X


Digital Nonlinear Editing

Ohanian Thomas A.



C + +. The Core Language

Satir Gregory, Brown Doug




Learning Basic Fast

DeRossi Claude J



Pascal User Manual And Report

Jensen Kathleen, Wirth Niklaus


Perl In A Nutshell

Nathan Patwardhan, Ellen Siever, Stephen Spainhour