International Legal & Law

Grammar For Lawyers

Meehan Michael, Tulloch Graham


Learning The Law

Williams Glanville



The Journalist's Guide To Media Law

Pearson Mark, Polden Mark


Thinking About Law. Perspectives On The History, Philosophy And Sociology Of Law

Hunter Rosemary, Ingleby Richard, Johnstone Richard


Confronting Injustice

Cahn Lenore L



Origins Of The Common Law

Hogue Arthur R


Great Legal Disasters

Tumim Stephen


Criminal Justice. Nomos XXVII

Pennock J Roland, Chapman John W



Emerging Standards Of International Trade And Investment

Rubin Seymour J, Hufbauer Gary Clyde


Schmitthoff's Export Trade

Schmitthoff Clive


Criminal Law

Smith J C, Hogan Brian


Trial Ethics

Underwood Richard, Fortune William H


Company Law In Context

Wishart David