Animals and Wildlife - Horses

Basic Horsemanship. English And Western. A Complete Guide

Prince Eleanor F, Collier Gaydell M



Your First Pony

Heselten Beverely


Granada Guides. Riding

Keir Christine


A Second Treasury Of Horse Stories

Self Margaret Cabell


Training The Show Jumper

Hadley Stephen


Your First Pony

Heselton Beverley


Horse Lopaedia. A Complete Guide To Horse Care

Hastie Stewart, Sharples Johanna


My Racing Heart

Mooney Nan


You And Your Pony

Healey Pepper Mainwaring


Have Fun With Your Horse

Lengstrand Rolf, Kastenmaan Petrus


The Amateur Horse Breeder

Hardman A. C. Leighton


The Horseman's Bible

Coggins Jack


The Riding Handbook

Eccles Lesley, Burgess Linda



Horses Buyer's Guide

Kerrigan R H