Brand New Books and Latest Release Titles Update!

Author: Marlowes   Date Posted:25 November 2015 

We would like to take this opportunity to announce that Marlowes is now also starting to offer new books as part of our already Great inventory!

Marlowes has up until now only been offering the hard to find, out of print and used books. This is has been our market and “niche” for the last 12 years. We will continue to offer these fine books as they are a great asset to our business and customers. They contain a wealth of information, can form a valuable connection to a persons past or simply allow someone to find a title which is no longer available new. This is still a major focus of our business and will continue to be so.

"Having access to this range of inventory and titles gives our business and our valued customers unbeatable access and choice to all types of books," said Mark Russell, Owner/Founder of Marlowes. "There are not many bookstores out there (Online and traditional bricks & motar) which can offer a combined inventory of approx. 100,000 books which are split roughly equal between New, Used, Out of Print, Rare and Antiquarian."

These new books have already started to be listed and should be compleated over the next week. All are graded and can easily be filtered in the search results and browse pages via "New" & "Used". (All used books have further grading as usual on each and every listing)

To view our latest listings,

We look forward to serving you in the future and as always, we welcome your contact if you have any enquiries.

The Team @ Marlowes


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